We all know who Henry Ford is and how his use of an assembly line changed modern manufacturing. Ford did not invent the assembly line; he harnessed its potential to automate production of Ford’s Model-T cars more efficiently. The result was increased access to an affordable tool that revolutionized the modern world.

Legend has it that when asked about his contribution to history, Ford replied, “If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” He correctly gambled that people didn’t want faster horses; they wanted more efficient ways to get maximum results.

Like Ford’s automation of the Model-T, enterprise GRC software is a modern day revolutionary tool. Governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) is a company’s collective activities associated with regulated activities and requirements. An enterprise GRC tool allows your company to manage uncertainty and realize organization-wide objectives while maintaining high levels of integrity. 

OpsEase was designed for just this purpose. This isn’t just a faster horse; our enterprise GRC maximizes your company’s capacity to reduce risk while aligning your security and IT procedures more efficiently and confidently with compliance requirements. By reducing manual data entry and compliance monitoring, OpsEase more efficiently and effectively detects potential risks and highlights applicable responses. 

The OpsEase GRC Solution

If well adopted, a GRC program will free up your teams to find collaborative approaches across all business units and processes. OpsEase will allow your teams to identify and greatly reduce your greatest inefficiencies, risks and economic wastes. Yes, highly customized GRC solutions often require initial and ongoing overhead and administration costs. But just as Ford recognized the value of investing in better tools, at OpsEase we so strongly believe in the effectiveness and efficiency of our GRC tool that we prioritize affordability. We know that the upfront investment will be quickly recovered through reduced costs:

  • Eliminate costly out-of-compliance fees and fines. Recently a well-known global manufacturer was fined a multi-billion dollar penalty for being found guilty of non-compliance with various regulations. OpsEase’s automation provides foolproof measures for automation, workflows and artifact management to easily maintain your regulatory compliance. 
  • Reduce employee time spent producing and monitoring reports. OpsEase automates the structure, production and access to more updated and accurate information into meaningful reports and controls. 
  • Eliminate errors and manual inefficiencies. OpsEase’s integrated and automated systems result in clean, accurate data. And better data results in a stronger capacity to make stronger strategic decisions.
  • Decrease annual audit fees. OpsEase aggregates all necessary audit information into usable, accessible formats which results in a shorter audit cycle, saving you time and money.
  • Minimize insurance waste. OpsEase provides relevant, accurate data that allows your organization to evaluate areas where you might be over- or under-insured. 

Reach out today to learn more about OpsEase. You know that modern day Governance, Risk Management and Compliance requires more than just a faster horse: you need revolutionary tools and OpsEase delivers.